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About Us

Aces Wild Athletics is a fitness and wellness company that focuses on building healthy, fit individuals in an outdoor and social environment. We offer a unique combination of high intensity group training classes and bodyweight strength conditioning programming that can be customised for all fitness levels.

Our progressive overload approach to programming ensures our members see continuous improvement in their strength and cardiovascular fitness. So whether training for overall fitness, your next 10k race or looking to lose weight, we have a program

for you.


Metafit is a 30-minute, bodyweight–only, non-choreographed, high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout that will have you burning fat for 24 hours. It’s tough and

that’s why it works. Anyone can participate from beginner to athlete.


Learn handstands and other hand-balancing skills, and work on the 

required strength and mobility in this fun and challenging class. 


For those who aren't afraid of a challenge (or an early start!) High intensity cross training to take those who already have a good level of fitness to the next level.


Make your joints healthy and happy through their full range of motion. Discover a whole new level of strength!

Bootcamp is a great introduction to traditional bootcamp equipment- kettlebells, battle ropes, sandbags and more! Our AWA trainers will be demonstrating the most effective exercise form and ensuring that you get the safest workout possible without sacrificing results.


A 45-minute, body weight-only, high intensity interval training (HIIT) 

workout including a strength component to finish.

Personalised training tailored to give you the most effective route towards your goals. Suitable for people with specific needs or who want to reach next level achievements.


Private sessions to give more individual attention and feedback. Recommended for beginners or friend groups

These scalable workouts will improve your strength and cardiovascular fitness at any level. Session structures change regularly, and you

can expect to see a combination of resistance and aerobic exercises.


Kim and Myles are the best! They work us really hard and keep us on our toes with interesting and challenging workouts, but all in a really fun and welcoming environment! Can't recommend them highly enough!!!

I can't recommend Aces Wild Athletics highly enough. Kim and Myles bring a constant energy and variety to all work outs, and make them fun and challenging no matter what fitness level you are at.

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