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Myles Tainsh

Personal Trainer


Widely recognized as a bodyweight strength guru in the Australian fitness community, Myles has a proven track record of helping his clients surpass their fitness goals. His programs are designed to increase strength and mobility and improve cardiovascular fitness.


Myles co-created Aces Wild Athletics with the belief that the best way to enjoy fitness is in harmony with nature.

When not focusing on fitness Myles enjoys spending time with his daughter, his wife and his whippet, practicing classical guitar or studying languages.

Myles Fitness Qualifications include:

Cert III & IV, Calisthenics for Fitness Professionals Level 1 & 2,

Critical Thinking for Fitness Professionals, PTA 12 week

Development, Rehab Express, Optimal Training Methods, Working

with Children Certification, Infection Control Training-Covid 19,

Rehab Express, CPR & First Aid Certification, Workshops with Honza and Claudine Lafond, Joel Alonso, Andrii Bondarenko and Simon Ata, Registered AusActive Member

Kim Thomson

Personal Trainer


With a background in dance and choreography, Kim’s fitness journey took a detour while she focused on a career in corporate recruitment and banking before relocating with her family to Sydney from Toronto (with a stop in California for a few years along the way).


As a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Trainer and Certified Metafit HIIT coach, Kim creates high intensity interval style workouts that are designed to build cardiovascular capacity, increase overall fitness and strength, and keeps your body burning calories long after training sessions are complete.


Kim co-created AWA to share her passion for health and wellness and to help grow the fitness network in her community.


When not building fitness programs for her clients, 
Kim is busy with her two young very active daughters.
She loves running, walking her dog, live music, sightseeing around Australia and finding great restaurants to try with
her husband.


Kim’s Fitness Qualifications include:


Cert III & IV, Certified Metafit HIIT Coach, Pregnant & Post Natal training trained, Women’s Health for Exercise Professionals with Joelene Murdoch, Advanced Program Mastery with Boutagy Fitness Institute, Working with Children, CPR & First Aid Certification, Infection Control Training-Covid 19, Registered AusActive Member

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